What makes our oil so good?

In such a now-crowded marketplace we know just how difficult it is for consumers to recognise a good quality Black Seed Oil from the rest, so please allow us to help you in your quest to finding the very best quality.

For the shortened version, simply visit our shop where you will find nothing but the highest quality Black Seed Oil – and with availability in three different strengths, there’s something for everyone.

But we’re going to assume you’re here for some insight into our oils, so let’s get to it…

Sourcing quality Black Seeds

We are often asked from where our black seeds (Nigella Sativa Seeds) are sourced. We cannot give a specific answer to this since it varies throughout the course of the year – and more often than not we are using our own special ‘blend’ of seeds to produce each of our oils – which typically is made up of seeds originating from two or more different countries.

Generally speaking, the seeds that we use will originate from Ethiopia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Turkey.
We also personally oversee the growing of the plants and we have very strict requirements in place.

Our reason for multi-country sourcing is simple – we are constantly working to provide a consistent level of quality, taste and strength of Black Seed Oil. Many people know that climate and soil conditions impact these things greatly – so sourcing from several locations throughout the course of the year helps us to maintain a good consistency of end product all year round.

If you have tried our Black Seed Oils already you will know that each of our three strengths of oil tend to have their own distinct taste – and this taste will remain rather consistent with each batch that we produce. Part of the reason for this is continuity with the blend of seeds that we use for each strength of oil. For example for one strength of oil we may use Ethiopian and Turkish seeds with a 70/30 mix.

Regardless of which country our seeds originate from however – you can always rest assured that they are sourced ethically, and the plants are grown organically. Truth be told, the Nigella Sativa plant doesn’t need any help to grow – merely just a hot climate and good quality soil.

Producing quality Black Seed Oil

To extract the oil from the seeds we use a process known as cold-pressing. This is a phrase that many brands seem to use to describe their products, but more often than not they will still be using heat to extract the oil.

Heat is bad for the oil – but it is good for the company pressing as it gives them a considerably higher yield from the batch of seeds that they are pressing. Some companies will also use a chemical extraction method as this too gives a considerably-higher yield.

And the same goes for multi-pressing of the seeds. Whilst more oil can be extracted from the seeds by pressing them several times over; we only press our seeds once. A single-press technique reduces the yield considerably, but at the same time it results in a much more superior quality of oil.

Additionally, unlike many other brands of Black Seed Oils on the market; due to the single-press method that we use, our oils truly are ‘pure virgin’. This is another phrase often used by brands, but is actually very rarely the case.

Many companies are actually selling other brands leftovers. We know this because we sell-on our own leftovers to several brands which is then sold on to consumers in the low-end pricing market.

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with the second press of the seeds, it is far less superior to the first pressing and it offers nowhere near the VOC nor Thymoquinone content. By the second or third press it also is no longer a ‘virgin’ oil.
Those things do not make it a ‘bad’ oil – they do however mean that it is far from being a high quality oil.

The Taste of black Seed Oil

Our oils contain zero additives or preservatives, and whilst we are not allowed to say that our products are Organic (without going through a very lengthy certification process) – nobody can stop us saying that they are 100% natural and non-GMO.

Our oils are also unfiltered (hence you will likely notice a haze or cloudiness inside the bottle if it’s been allowed to stand for any period of time – which is completely normal). We choose to leave our oils unfiltered for a more natural & pungent taste. The seeds themselves are also very nutritious.

With our Super-Super-Strength Oil in particular you will notice the spicy/ peppery taste – this is mostly due to (though not limited to) the oil being unfiltered.

The cost of Black Seed Oil

Well, we’re not here to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We know that our Black Seed Oil (particularly our Super-Strength) is priced more towards the higher end of the spectrum. But this is simply the result of a high quality oil; higher costs equal a higher retail price.

We do of course have our Original and Strong oils however, and if you look at the price of our Original oil it is around the average market price per 100ml – and yet it remains around twice the strength of most other brands of (genuine) virgin cold-pressed oil.

We did initially plan to also offer a ‘Mild’ oil – which would have been a second press (non virgin) offering comprising of a substantially-lower VOC. With this we could have sold it off very cheaply (circa the £4.99-£7.99 price point) and in huge numbers – as many other brands already are. However there are reasons we opted against this.

Firstly, it is such a saturated market. And secondly, it would have meant selling a less-than-perfect product and that would have made us feel rather uncomfortable.

But next time you’re looking at other brands of Black Seed Oil ask yourself this – is that price too good to be true?

We know our market very well as it’s what we do and it’s all we do. And we know that the low-end price-point Black Seed Oil is able to be priced that way because corners have been cut somewhere.

Our brand is built on quality & trust, and that’s not something we were willing to jeopardise by introducing a sub-par offering. But one thing we’ve learned over the years, especially thanks to our high repeat order rate – is that our products work, and that our customers are prepared to pay just that little bit more for a considerably better product.

Preserving Black Seed Oil

We use a phrase that may sound somewhat cliché: look after your Black Seed Oil and your Black Seed Oil will look after you.

Once the oil has been extracted from the seeds, we bottle it right away to ensure its goodness is locked away. We use only the best quality pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles for our oils. Our bottles are made from a tinted glass – this helps keep light out and ensure the oil quality is maintained for longer.

Up until the point your order is shipped, we also store the oil in a refrigerated environment.

Storage of your oil should be carefully considered post-purchase (of which some guidance can be found here: Black Seed Oil Care).

Why is our Black Seed Oil is the best available anywhere in the world?

Research has found that a higher volatile oil content equals a more effective Black Seed Oil. Whilst many brands claim to produce the strongest oil, back in 2014 we started to research this extensively…

We tested thirteen Black Seed Oils from leading brands around the globe and found that our Black Seed Oil is (on average) up to 5 times stronger!

In fact, our research revealed that our Super Strength Black Seed Oil is the strongest available anywhere in the world; period. We came to this conclusion after finding that most Black Seed Oils have (on average) a Volatile Oil Content (VOC) of just 1.15% – of which less than 35% of that small percentage was Thymoquinone.

Some brands claiming to be selling a ‘strong’ oils actually never even topped 0.6% VOC.This is very, very poor quality! In fact this is the kind of quality you can expect when pressing oil from leftover (already pressed) seeds, using a heat source to allow an even higher yield.

To put this into perspective – our mildest offering which is our Original Black Seed Oil, has a volatile oil content of 1.8%. Our Strong Black Seed Oil contains 4.8%, and our Super Strength Black Seed Oil contains 5.8%. Our own figures have a +/- tolerance level of just 0.8%, but usually there will only be a +/- of around 0.3%.

As well as this, a minimum of 72% (of our VOC percentage) is Thymoquinone (this is considerably more than other brands!).

The different strengths of our Black Seed Oil range is clearly noticeable not only due to the more pungent taste from the stronger oils, but also in the results that our oils are giving our customers time & time again.

Our Black Seed Oil Guarantee

Why not try our Black Seed Oil’s for yourself? With a full 30 day money-back guarantee on our entire product range, we’re sure you’ll never look back at a below-par Black Seed Oil again in your lifetime.