Black seed oil dosage suggestions


We are frequently-asked how many seeds should be taken daily. The simple answer to this is; do not treat the seeds as an everyday food supplement, but instead treat them as you would any other herb or spice.

Whilst they are packed full of goodness & taste delicious; our bottled oil [or capsules, should you prefer to avoid the taste] offer far greater health benefits, since the pressed oil is much more concentrated than the oil found within our seeds.


We sell in three different strengths, based on the Volatile Oil Content (VOC). Typically a higher VOC = a more effective oil.

Our oils are naturally rich in Thymoquinone (TQ) – the most sought-after component of Black Seed Oil.
The higher the VOC of our oils, the higher the TQ content.

The VOC of our weakest oil (Original) is up to twice the strength of most other Black Seed Oils on the market.
We’re also confident that despite various claims by brands jumping on the ‘strength’ bandwagon purely to increase sales, our Super-Strength oil remains the strongest available anywhere in the world.

In fact of all the oils that we have had independently lab-tested, very few other brands of oil even come close to the strength of our Strong oil (up to 4 times stronger than other brands), let alone our Super-Strength oil. Our Super-Strength Black Seed Oil remains unrivalled and is the strongest Black Seed Oil that you will find anywhere in the world.

We have every batch independently tested so do not need false claims: Just pure quality in a bottle, capsule, or seed.


Please note that we are not medical practitioners and therefore we recommend that you always seek the advice of your GP. It is also particularly important to monitor blood-sugar if you are diabetic. The following information is a suggestion only.

We suggest that if you are new Black Seed Oil; you should begin on our Original strength.

Due to pack sizing & to avoid wastage you may wish to allow 30 days between upping the strength.

For simplicity however we usually suggest taking 1tsp or 1 capsule daily for 7 days, increasing to 2tsp or 2 capsules daily for a further 7 days.

You may then replace the Original strength oil with our Strong oil, following the same dosage suggestion as above.

Finally, you may then replace the Strong oil with our Super-Strength oil and follow the same dosage suggestion as above.

For most people 2tsp/capsules daily of our Super-Strength oil will be sufficient. If you reach a point that you become happy with, do not increase the strength or dosage further. A stronger oil or a higher dosage is not always required – everyone is different and only by gradually-increasing the strength and dosage will you know which is best suited to you and your body.

Starting on too high a dose or strength of Black Seed Oil can make you quite ill. This is caused by ridding toxins from the body far too quickly – and the result is that instead of improving your immune system, your immune system will see it as a threat and begin to fight against it.

For best results always start on a low dose of the weakest oil and gradually build upon it. This will slowly rid toxins from the body at an undetectable rate and then begin to boost your immune system. For best results take daily.

If you require any further help or information when it comes to choosing the correct strength or dosage, please feel free to drop us an email via our website contact form found here: Contact Us