What is black seed oil?

The Black Seed is scientifically known as Nigella Sativa. The plant grows about 40-60cm in height, and from it comes many small rectangular Black Seed, quite commonly known as ‘The Blessed Seed’.

As well as being a fantastic culinary herb in its own right, it also has many medicinal uses due to its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-asthmatic, anticoagulant and anti-histimic properties.

Many people know of the Black Seed and have even eaten it before, yet just do not realise. For example Naan breads (particularly here in the UK with our love for Indian food), more often than not are come garnished with Nigella Sativa seeds. The same goes for flatbreads. They are what gives the bread that delicious herby & earthy taste and aroma. There are many other culinary uses for the Black Seed such as including them in soups, smoothies, rice dishes, curries and spice mixes.

Nigella Sativa Seeds - naan Bread

These seeds themselves are super-healthy and packed full of proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, volatile oils and many other components that can help support your health when taken correctly.

Other names for The Black Seed

The seeds, although most commonly-referred to as their scientific name which is Nigella Sativa Seeds, but are also known by many other names around the world such as:

Black Cumin, Kalonji, Kalanji, Black Caraway, Roman-Coriander, Kalonji, Charnuska, Fennel Flower, Schwarzkummel, Cominho Negro, Comino Negro, Cumin Noir, Fitch, Graine de Nigelle, Graine Noire, Kalajaji, Kalajira, La Grainer Noire, Love in a Mist, Nigelle de Crête, Ajenuz, Aranuel, Baraka, Nigelle Cultivée, and Upakuncika – to name but a few.

Where does Black Seed Oil come from?

Whilst the seeds themselves are super-healthy, the vast majority of that goodness comes from the volatile oils found within the seeds…

which is the reason the seeds are commonly ‘pressed’ to extract the oil, so that it can be consumed orally (or even applied topically), with the added benefit of the oil itself being far more concentrated than if taking the seeds themselves.

There are several ways to extract the oil from the seeds, and besides from the way the seeds are grown – it is mastering the perfect technique of oil extraction that plays the most important part in producing a high quality Black Seed Oil. In such a saturated market nowadays there are many poor quality Black Seed Oils readily available. You can read more about Black Seed Oil extraction and quality here: What Makes Our Black Seed Oil so Good?

The benefits of Black Seed Oil

There are many benefits of taking Black Seed Oil – some of which remain difficult to believe and still to this day we remain surprised at some of the feedback we receive from customers of how our products are helping to benefit their general health & wellbeing.

More notably, when taken as an everyday food supplement Black Seed Oil can help to rid toxins from the body and help to support your immune system. It truly is a remarkable herb and there is no other natural herb known that offers such a wide range of healing abilities.

We’ve compiled a more extensive list of some of the known benefits in an article which you can find here: Black Seed Oil Benefits, Uses, and Cures.

Black Seed Oil consumption for health

Black Seed Oil should be consumed orally as an everyday food supplement and typically just 1-2tsp daily is all that is required, though this varies from person to person and will also depends on the quality of the oil being consumed.

Black Seed Oil tends to come in both liquid form (in a bottle) and in capsule form (encapsulated liquid) and whilst both offer the same benefits, many people opt for the capsules due to not liking the taste of the oil. Capsules merely offer a near-tasteless way of consuming the oil.

Our oils come in three different strengths and we sell it in bottles and capsules.

Black Seed Oil dosage suggestions

Whilst we always advise seeking professional advice from a medical practitioner if you are unsure, we have compiled an article about Black Seed Oil dosage suggestions which should help you on your way to a healthier life.

These suggestions are based upon consumption of our own products and vary from strength to strength. You can find the article here: Black seed oil dosage suggestions.

Black Seed Oil side effects and warnings

Our Black Seed Oil is a completely natural product and there are very few known side effects or warnings. We’ve compiled a list of possible (or known) side effects and warnings in an article which you can find here: Black seed oil side effects and warnings

History of the Black Seed

The Black Seed has been used throughout many different cultures for more than two thousand years!

Packed full of proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, volatile oils, and boasting over 100 health-giving properties; Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) is known to many as ‘the Gold of the Pharaohs’ – mainly because it was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Read more…