Black seed oil side effects & warnings

The Black seed (Nigella Sativa) as a culinary herb is safe to be used by anyone* – simply treat it as you would any other herb or spice to flavour your dishes.

General awareness of side effects

In most cases, no irritations or side effects are caused when the oil is used or taken correctly.

  • Any side effects from topical applications will usually be visible within a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Any side effects from oral consumption will usually be noticeable within 2-7 days, and the benefits will usually become noticeable after 2-8 weeks (if taken regularly). We often hear of users noticing improvements sooner – though without further studies it is difficult to know whether this is simply a placebo effect.

Using Black Seed Oil topically

When using the oil topically (for example, to treat Eczema), it is quite common for the oil to cause redness and soreness. If this occurs, wash off immediately with warm water and a mild soap.

For topical applications we suggest using our Original or Strong Black Seed Oil as this is what we have found to be most effective for the treatment of various skin conditions*. It is also more forgiving to already damaged/broken skin, whereas the Super-Strength oil, not so much.

Our Super-Strength oil is much more likely to cause irritation, redness, and soreness and therefore we do not recommend this oil for most topical applications (except the hair and scalp, which in most cases works better than our Original or Strong Black Seed Oils).

We also have many salons using (and stocking) our Super-Strength Black Seed Oil, and the general feedback from them is that it works great when used on every second wash, as a substitute of your regular hair conditioner.

Oral consumption of Black Seed Oil

When taking Black Seed Oil orally we advise (particularly if you are already on any form of medication), that you first seek approval from your medical practitioner.

Side effects from oral consumption are quite rare, with most reports being easily explained as the user having ignored dosage and strength recommendations before starting out.

The most common mistake people tend to make with Black Seed Oil is by taking too much too soon, or by starting out on too strong an oil. This will usually begin to rid toxins from the body far too quickly, and can set off your body’s defence mechanism (which will cause the body to fight against the oil rather than alongside it – usually resulting in vomiting).
This is why we insist that you begin with our Original oil on a low dosage, and then build up the dose and strength gradually, until you reach your desired results. Going through the gradual build-up process will help rid toxins from the body at a less detectable rate, and then when detox has completed it will begin to help strengthen your immune system.

Most people will notice increased ‘belching’ after consuming Black Seed Oil, which can continue throughout the day. This is completely normal, and most users tend to find that the belching will gradually fade away after a few days/ weeks of taking the oil.

Other important warnings

  • Because of the lack of research in this particular area, we do not recommend Black seed oil to be taken by pregnant women, nor for Black Seed Oil to be used while breast-feeding.
  • Oral consumption of our oils is not recommended for children under 5 years old.
    Children under 12 should take half the adult dosage.
  • We do not under any circumstances recommend substituting any medically-prescribed items with Black Seed Oil – unless you have first sought professional medical advice from your GP.
  • Black Seed Oil is commonly used (and known to be very effective) for lowering blood pressure. We therefore advise monitoring your blood pressure closely whilst taking the oil – particularly if you are being administered any other form of blood pressure medication.
  • Black Seed Oil has been known to be very effective at helping to lower blood-sugar. Whilst many Diabetics use the oil for this reason, it is important (particularly if you are on any form of blood-sugar medication) that you closely monitor your blood-sugar levels.
  • Black Seed Oil is often used to help thin the blood and slow down clotting. If you are taking any other blood-clotting medication we urge you to seek advice from your GP prior to taking Black Seed Oil.
  • Due to the bottling environment of our seeds, oil, and capsules; we must inform you that our products may contain traces of nuts.

*It should be noted that as with everything in life – allergic reactions are still possible. If you notice any adverse effects – stop consuming the product immediately and seek professional advice from a GP.